An innovative way to introduce the power of the voice and languages

Xine offers 2 Activities to schools: - French nursery rhymes adapted to KS1-KS2 - Live operatic program adapted for KS1 or KS2

Is your school studying French? This 3h workshop is for you.

Xine shares  simple and original French nursery rhymes,  delivered with visual supports. A range of 6-10 songs adapted to the age of each class. 

The concerts are tailored for KS1 (20mins) and KS2 (30mins). Children will be exposed to:

  • English classical songs 
  • Pieces in Italian, French, German and Spanish
  • Very operatic pieces with high pitch sounds

"Our Key Stage 1 and 2 children loved the interactive workshops straight from a native speaker of French! Within 15 minutes, they were joining in with traditional French children’s songs pitched at their age group and were asking to sing them again in following lessons! The visuals and props enabled the children to capture the gist of the songs.

The children and staff were so impressed by the power, quality and range of Christine’s voice. Her performance was engaging and dynamic as she adopted different characters through diverse songs, themes and languages. How wonderful that Christine has been able to bring the experience of live opera directly to the children of St Luke’s Primary School!"